About us

Belong.Life builds and operates patient engagement and navigation mobile applications for patient communities, organizations, pharma and hospitals using a proprietary patient engagement platform powered by AI/ML technology. Belong’s Patient Engagement Platform is an easy to navigate end-to-end solution which which encourages the formation of patient communities through customized content and management features. In turn, the platform delivers actionable insights regarding patient journeys and reveals trends and patterns that can improve care.


Belong’s tech powers major patient engagement initiatives such as:

Belong - Beating Cancer Together

The world’s largest social network for cancer patient caregivers and healthcare providers. Anonymous data from the app has been utilized to advance cancer research. Abstracts based on the data have been published by organizations like ASCO, ESMO and more.


A support network for MS patients that provides access to medical professionals, medical binder management and personalized notifications to support patients.


The Israeli Ministry of Health’s official patient engagement app for COVID-19. The app helps people keep track of the virus’ spread and report for self-quarantine.

OPE (Orchestrated Patient Engagement)

In partnership with IQVIA – Powered by Belong.Life technology, IQIVIA’s OPE creates unique advantages for pharma companies, before and after launch, ultimately facilitating direct engagement to understand patient needs and compliance patterns.