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Intimacy, Relationship & Sex

It is possible and desirable to have positive, empowering, and supportive relationships, including a satisfying sexual relationship.

Find out a series of articles in the "Sexuality & MS” group
Managed by Lizzie Rubin – sex therapist.

Raise Awareness

Let people know what it means to live with MS. We asked the Belong community. You'll be surprised to read their advice\tips for Friends & Family.

"sometimes I just need a hug for no reason."

"some people think MS is like a cold or something and that it goes away.."

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MS Awareness Month

On this MS Awareness Month
Together we turn challenges into victories!

Belong MS- always with you.

Four-Legged Friend

opening doors, picking up small things, turning light switches on and off and more.

Service dogs: They provide loyalty and emotional support.

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Ringing, roaring, humming, or buzzing.
The sounds can be steady or fluctuating, occur in one or both ears.

The sounds from inside your body.
It can be tinnitus.

Nutrition - Dealing with symptoms and improving quality of life

What should a person with MS eat? Is gluten good for me? How about white bread? Are there food choices that influence constipation? sleep? Inflammation?

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by Danielle Best, RD.
In the "Nutrition and MS"
professional group

Nutrition & MS


From time to time, everyone may feel anxious, stressed out or out of control. If anxiety starts to affect your routine, your health, and quality of life You need to address it

You can learn how other Belongers cope with anxiety. Read more in the BelongMS News


The FDA has recently approved the COVID-19 vaccines. Both vaccines (Pfizer& Moderna) contain genomic information of the virus. When injected into the human body, this genomic information (called mRNA) produces proteins present in the virus capsule. In response to the presence of these proteins, the immune system produces antibodies against the virus. Is the vaccine safe for people with MS?

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in the "MS & Coronavirus" professional group Managed by Dr. Itay Lotan